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Aquatic Weed Harvesting, Dredging and Hydro-raking Photos

    Featured below are additional photos showing the capabilities of our equipment is endless on creating beautiful lake fronts. American Dredge has the equipment to work on Large or Small projects. Do you have a pond that can't be reached with a Long Reach Excavator or too costly for a hydraulic dredger? We have the answer our Aquatic Swamp Thing can get in the tightest spots. We can Weed Harvest, Hydro-rake and Dredge in those hard to reach areas where normal equipment could never reach. Call us for any project you have and especially when you have that unique situation.

Located in Branch County. Covering all of Michigan, MI,  Ohio, OH, Indiana, IN, Kentucky, KY.

New 2nd office in  Oxford Georgia --Covering all of Georgia, Tennessee,Tn, South Carolina, SC, North Carolina, NC

DREDGING anywhere --WI, PA, ND, SD, ID, WY, IL, KS, CO, TN, KY and GA. Even out of the Country.

Aquatic Vegetation--Lakes, Ponds, Channels, Rivers, Marinas, Lagoons, --Anywhere in!

--Lakes, Ponds, Channels, Rivers, Marinas, Lagoons, --Anywhere!

Weed Harvesting-Lakes, Marinas, Waste Water Plants, Lagoons, Commercial cooling ponds

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