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Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois, MI Dredging Company & Contractor for Commercial Dredging, Industrial Dredging & Residential Dredging. With our expertise in the use of both Mechanical Dredging and Hydraulic Dredging equipment we offer Marina Dredging, Lake Dredging, Pond Dredging, Lagoon Dredging, Canal Dredging in your local area. As a Dredging Company - Contractor our goal is to provide Professional Dredging and Aquatic Services. We have programs using specialized equipment that will be efficient and give you excellent results. Dredging locations for MI, WI, IN, OH, IL, IA, PA, KY, SD, MN we can be anywhere usually within a few days. Call a professional dredging company that has your best interest in mind - Contact American Dredge our office 1-800-649-7946 for dredging services in your area.

Mechanical Dredging or Hydraulic Dredging? Depends on your situation.


Mechanical Dredging Services
Mechanical Dredging may be the best choice verses Hydraulic Dredging depending on several different factors. If you have a lot of stumps, trees and debris mechanical dredging can be a better choice. Also a distant disposal area for your sediments may be a reason you may choose mechanical dredging, the further away the site you may need to have the sediments hauled away by our trucks. The distance a hydraulic dredge can pump the sediment is limited. Dredging from shore with one of our 60 feet Long Reach excavators can make it convenient to dredge and remove sediments for areas that need to be dredged close to shore. Whether it be a pond, lakefront, canal, inlet, boat slips a lot of our mechanical dredging equipment can reach it effectively. Permits: some times the type of permit approved will dictate whether that the area needs to be dredged mechanically, which we can handle this for you. Costs, for smaller projects sometimes the best solution in mechanical dredging. We can discuss and review your project and determine which process is best for you. Our company has both Mechanical and Hydraulic dredging equipment, both large and small machines to meet your needs. www.mechanicaldredging.com. Contact American Dredge our office 1-800-649-7946 for dredging services in your area.

Dredging - Marinas, Lake Dredging, Channels, Coves, Commercial Ponds, Lake Association Projects, Residential Lakefronts.
Let us restore your marinas, harbors, channels, lakes and ponds back to their original depths. Professional mechanical and hydraulic dredging company - contractor. We can remove unwanted sediments by dredging and adding depth to improve boat navigation, dock slips, improve fish spawning areas, improve retention ponds, lagoons and help deter aquatic weed growth. Please review this site and you can see pictures of recent jobs and information that will help you plan for your dredging project. 

Hydraulic Dredging Services
Hydraulic Dredging can be done successfully with our fleet of large and small hydraulic dredging machines. We understand each project has it's own unique set of circumstances and this is why we offer hydraulic dredging and mechanical dredging services. With hydraulic dredging the dredge has a discharge hose that can be seen in the pictures, at the rear of the machine, using floats to support the existing the hydraulic dredge. From here the temporary pipeline continues and the lines will continue across the or are laid on the ground until they reach the sediment disposal area. The hydraulic dredge has an auger type head that rotates and chews into the sediment or vegetation, then vacuums the sediments into the temporary pipeline, which is pumped through until the sediments reach there destination, a spoils site or geotextile bag. (Further down the page we discuss the use of geotextile bags.) The dredge can often remove the sediment and pump or transfer the material several thousand feet away, depending on the size of the hydraulic dredge, type of material being transferred or if the sediment is transferred up or down a slope. Hydraulic dredging can be cheaper process when transferring large amounts of material, because you can transfer it quicker if the disposal site without the use of trucks. Again our dredging company has both Mechanical and Hydraulic dredging equipment, both large and small machines to meet your needs. No matter what your circumstance is contact us  www.hydraulicdredging.net , Contact our office 1-800-649-7946 for dredging services in your area.


          Below is a picture of Hydraulic Dredging in a marina.                     Below is a picture of how the sediment exits the pipeline that is connected

          and a portion of lake dredging                                                      to rear of the hydraulic dredge and then put into the sediment spoils site.   

    Dredging Hydraulic Dredging Company

Dredging - Commercial - Industrial  - Local Goverments - State Contracts - Dredging  Marinas - Residential - Private Clubs
Dredging Companies with offices and representatives located in Michigan, Ohio, OH,  Indianapolis Indiana, Wisconsin, WI, Illinois, IL. Covering all of MI, WI, IN, Cleveland, OH, IL, IA, PA, KY, SD, MN call us at: 1-800-649-7946 www.dredging-companies.com
Small Pond Dredging                                            Mechanical Dredging & Cattail Eradication            Large Mobile Mechanical Dredging

  Hydro-raking cattails, phragmites, bullrush removal  Dredging a Canal Mechanical Dredging

Dredging a Lake contact our offices for services in MI, WI, IN, OH, IL, IA, PA, KY, SD, MN Contact our office 1-800-649-7946 for dredging services in your area. Our company can  dredge a marina, channel, pond and lake dredging in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Iowa, Tennessee and Alabama  www.dredgingalake.com.


                     Dredging contractor for Illinois, WI, MN,ColoradoPicture of hydraulic dredging machine

Advanced and Updated Hydraulic Dredging Technology:
Hydraulic Dredging Contractor: The hydraulic dredging equipment we use is versatile, self propelled, provides increased dredging, flow capacity and will hydraulically dredge effectively highly abrasive sediments. Hydraulic Dredging units have a large cutter head system with dual hydraulic motors embedded in a stepped auger, with pump performance range from 2600-3500gpm. Working capacity from 9.5 wide by 13/22 inches in diameter and working depth up to 22 feet. (we also have smaller units below) www.hydraulicdredging.net

Organic weed control Contact our office 1-800-649-7946 for dredging services in MI, WI, IN, OH, IL, IA, PA, KY, SD, MN at 1-800-649-7946. Our Dredging company can be one of your best choices for organic weed control and this is why:

Dredging the Real Answer for Aquatic Weed Control - problems with Herbicide or Chemical use. Remove years of sediments, add water depth which is important to deter weed growth. The more sunlight penetration usually the more weed growth you will have. Which starts out with high nutrient levels on the lake bottom, which can be found at times after too much use of chemicals. The problems with chemicals will keep decomposing the plant and adding sediment to the bottom of the lake. Which adds nutrients for weed growth. You why you have to keep paying more in chemical treatment each year??  People say dredging can be expensive but what if you pay $75,000 for 10 years for chemical control($750,000). Not to mention what harm did you just put into the water. How much biomass is not on the lake?  How much did it cost you?

Swamp Thing Dredging and Aquatic Weed Control Services can meet all your Hydraulic Dredging and Mechanical Dredging needs. Let us Dredge and pu
t our Dredging Equipment to use for you. Whether it is for Dredging a Marina, Dredging a Lake, Dredging a Pond, Marine Dredging, Channel Dredging and Canal Dredging our Dredging Companies have excellent muck, sand, sediment removal capabilities. We can handle your all your local dredging needs call 1-800-649-7946.

Dredging a channel, river, canal: River or channel dredging contractor www.swampthing.us
Sediment removal from lakes, canals, river, ponds
are commonly removed to improve navigation; restore
recreational access for leisure boating, swimming and
fishing; or regain lost storage capacity in water supply
of reservoirs. Dredging also is done to remove nutrient-
rich sediments, remove toxic substances, reduce rooted
aquatic plant growth, lessen sediment suspension by
winds and waves, and improve fish habitat. 


Lake and Pond Dredging  can improve water quality by reducing the amount of nutrients available from the sediments, thereby reducing nuisance algae blooms and invasive aquatic vegetation. This can occur through direct sediment removal of nutrient-rich sediments, or by deepening the lake enough to allow thermal stratification to develop and thereby limit nutrient movement from deep-water areas to the upper waters. Lake and Pond Dredging in areas of rooted aquatic plants controls their growth through direct removal of the lake weeds, removing nutrient rich sediments and also can limit future regrowth if the new water depths are deeper than sunlight can reach. For lakes that freeze over in the winter, fish survival can be enhanced by removing oxygen-demanding sediments - aquatic vegetation and creating deeper water areas.  Contact a Lake and Pond Dredging company for MI, WI, IN, OH, IL, IA, PA, KY, SD, MN that will be looking our for your best interest into the future.  

Large & Small Hydraulic Dredging Equipment to meet your dredging needs  www.swampthing.us.

Dredging a Canal - www.dredgingacanal.com
Hydraulic Dredging a Canal and into the lake with the combination of our mechanical dredging equipment has made us experts in this field. We use both Hydraulic and Mechanical Dredging equipment to thoroughly clean canals, marinas and channels. The mechanical dredging unit can be especially useful to pull sediment that is too close to the shore for the hydraulic dredging machine or reach under permanent docks. Also when there are a lot of stumps, or old dock post or abundant aquatic vegetation the mechanical unit can move this debris out of the way and allow the hydraulic dredging unit do it job more efficiently. We can provide you better and thorough services.  Contact our office at 1-800-649-7946  



Dredging Contractor, Dredging Company for Dredging a lake, Dredging a pond, reservoir or canal,
Our company can travel almost anywhere, whether it is Dredging near or in Jackson, Michigan, MI, Dredging in Indiana, Indianapolis, IN, Dredging in Ohio, Cincinnati, OH, Dredging in Tennessee, Nashville, TN, Dredging In Illinois, Chicago, IL, Dredging in Appleton, Wisconsin , WI , Dredging in Washington / WA, Dredging in New Jersey / NJ,  Dredging in Lexington, Kentucky, KY, dredging in Birmingham, Alabama, AL, dredging in Des Moines, Iowa, IA, dredging in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, PA, call a dredging company that cares about you and is willing to give you a fair dredging cost. Call Swamp Thing Dredging and Aquatic Weed Control Services for Dredging Information, your first choice for Dredging & Marine Consultants 1-800-649-7946 www.dredging-contractors.com.

Pond sediment Removal for Condo Associations, Ponds, Reservoirs, Water treatment facilities for MI, WI, IN, OH, AL, IL, IA, PA, KY, SD, MN .

Smaller Hydraulic Dredging machines into geo-bags. Great for Golf Course Dredging smaller pond dredging and condo associations.
Are you looking for non-mechanical dredging equipment because you have limited access for larger dredging equipment or you have a smaller body of water: lake, pond, canal that needs to be dredged.  Maybe you have a limited area for the disposal of sediments or do not have the room for dump trucks; pumping the sediment into geo-bags can be a good alternative solution. We travel MI, WI, IN, OH, IL, IA, PA, KY, SD, MN and help dredge or use our smaller hydraulic dredging equipment to remove silt or sediment  out of small lake subdivisions, private lake owners, pond owners, marinas, canals and channels. We have the equipment for large and small dredging and silt removal projects. Whether you are a lake association, private landowner, utility company, water treatment plant etc., we have the equipment to get the job done right. www.swampthing.us

Sediment Removal Solutions for ponds, quarries, lakes MI, WI, IN, OH, IL, IA, PA, KY, SD, MN.
We handle sediment removal and dredging for private, industrial, residential clients for your area. We provide sediment removal solutions in Michigan, MI, Dredging in Indiana, Indianapolis, IN, Dredging in Ohio, Cincinnati, OH, Dredging in Tennessee, Nashville, TN, Dredging In Illinois, Chicago, IL, Dredging in Appleton, Wisconsin, WI , Dredging in Lexington, Kentucky, KY, dredging in Birmingham, Alabama, AL, dredging in Des Moines, Iowa, IA, dredging in Pittsburgh,  and sediment removal in Pennsylvania, PA. We have several locations to take care of your sediment removal solution needs contact us at www.sedimentremovalservices.com , Contact our office 1-800-649-7946 for dredging services in your area.

Sediment removal solutions and contractors    sediment removal from golf and condo communities

Sediment Removal and dredging for Cleveland, OH and surrounding areas to dredge lakes, ponds, canals. Contact our office at 1-800-649-7946. www.sedimentremovalsolutionsofohio.com.

small lake and pond management tools  silt removal to assist utility companies

Sediment Removal using geo-bags (there is more information further down the page)
Using geo-tubes, geo-bags to transfer sediment into when space is limited from either our small or large hydraulic dredging machines.


Pond Restoration, Golf Course Pond Management, Wetland Restoration contact Swamp Thing
We have the mechanical and hydraulic equipment to work on sediment removal from ponds, lagoons, wastewater ponds, wetland ponds. Our equipment can get into those hard to reach areas to remove unwanted silt removal from your farm pond, trout ponds, dnr project sites, retention ponds. Take a closer look at some of our pond and lake restoration equipment on our website at www.swampthing.us.

Golf Course Dredging and Pond Management Company MI, WI, IN, OH, IL, IA, PA, KY, SD, MN 
Golf Course dredging, campgrounds & pond management for: dredge your ponds, cut cattails, remove phragmites, maintain drainage ditches. This all can be taken care of  by Swamp Thing LLC, with our specialized equipment that will leave minimal foot print. Where other large equipment will cause more damage, especially during peak summer and golfing months contact www.swampthing.us 1-800-649-7946.

Phragmite and cattail control Removing Phragmites invasive aquatic plants Maintaing waterways for duck hunt clubs

Shoreline Restoration or remediation call a company that has all the equipment you need: Mechanical, Hydraulic and Amphibious shoreline restoration for MI, WI, IN, OH, IL, IA, PA, KY, SD, MN call 1-800-649-7946.

Sediment removal in  WI, IN, MI, AL, OH, IL, IA, PA, KY, SD, MN a small channel or river can be done by our different types of sediment removal equipment: mechanical or hydraulic, or amphibious equipment. If you do have a Emergency dredging project you can call us 24 hours at 1-800-649-7946. www.sedimentsremovalsolutions.com.

emergency sediment removal services   silt removal from channel, canals

wetland restoration www.swampthing.us  amphibious dredging anywhere  wetlandrestoration


Contaminated Sediments Removal or Silt Removal for MI, WI, IN, OH, AL,  IL, IA, PA, KY, SD, MN
Sediment removal with limited access is www.swampthing.us specialty. We can assist all over the nation for emergency response if necessary: Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Minnesota. Our equipment can remove sediments that are contaminated with oil. Or just standard silt and sediment removal. We can engineer the correct system for your situation: proper filtration, correct geo textile tubes and polymer flocculants to remove sediments and return clean water to the river, lake, pond or lagoon. Contact our office 1-800-649-7946 for dredging services in your area.

oilskimmers www.swampthing.us sedimentremovalsolutions smallhydraulicdredgeremoval-good for sediment removal
Sediment Removal Company
Oil contaminated sediments can be removed for MI, WI, IN, OH, IL, IA, PA, KY, SD, MN with our unique amhibious dredging equipment. We have large variety of equipment to meet your needs: mechanical dredging equipment, large and small hydraulic dredging equipment to assist in marine, wetland restoration projects contact a contractor that has your best interest in mind Swamp Thing Dredging and Aquatic Weed Control Services , www.swampthing.us Nationwide 1-800-649-7946.

remove sediments with oil and silt removal      silt removal, ponds, docks


Wetland and Shoreline Restoration for MI, WI, IN, OH, IL, IA, PA, KY, SD, MN
Wetland and river restoration Swamp Thing should be your first choice to get the job done correctly. We can handle your state and local government contracts, whether you are trying to restore your community ponds, lakes, rivers, wetlands preserves, duck preserves contact us to assist with your project www.swampthing.us contact our MI, WI, IN, OH, IL, IA, PA, KY, SD, MN at 1-800-649-7946.

Amphibious anywhere www.swmapthing.us   available forDNR restoration projects  Hunting club management  

mechanically dredge anywhere www.swampthing.us       Manage marsh, wetlands and shorelines 

Cattail Removal and Phragmites removal and cutting for  MI, WI, IN, OH, AL,  IL, IA, PA, KY, SD, MI.
We handle large projects for cattail, phragmite, bulrush removal and control Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Pennsylvania. Contact our office www.swampthing.us.

  Cut cattails, bullrush, phragmites  Lake and Pond Management www.swampthing.us

Mechanical Dredging equipment for large, small and unique projects for your area.
Mechanical Dredging for Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Kentucky, South Dakota, Minnesota. Mechanical dredging from land or by barge our company has large and small mechanical dredging equipment to meet your dredging needs

Dredging Mechanical Dredging Contractors  Mechanical Dredging Companies  Dredging contractor in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky nationwide


Mechanical Dredging Project in Ohio below:

6301 Park Office Road, College Corner
College Corner, Ohio 45003

American Dredge, Dredging & Aquatic Weed control company assisted in installing pipeline across Action Lake, located at Hueston Woods State Park. Using a combination of our dredging equipment to properly and efficiently complete this project. In 1967, the 200-acre forest was designated as a National Natural Landmark by the National Park Service. The outdoor enthusiast will find diverse opportunities at Hueston Woods State Park. Whether boating on Acton Lake, hiking through the 200-acre old growth forest or relaxing in the resort lodge, visitors will enjoy the finest of recreational facilities in southwest Ohio at this scenic park.


Dredging Company in Ohio we offer Mechanical or Hydraulic Dredging.
For this project certain areas had to be prepared and dredged before installing the pipeline. You can see below the pipe floating, we used several pieces of aquatic machines and dredging equipment to complete this project and keep the pipe in place (especially during times of strong winds). Once the dredging was completed the pipe was stretched across the lake and then sank into place with cement ballast. www.dredginginohio.com Contact our office for services in Ohio 1-800-649-7946 American Dredge.


Lake Dredging, Pond Dredging IN, Dredging a Channel in WI, Dredging a Canal in IL

 Pictures - DREDGING A LAKE, DREDGING A CANAL in Illinois, DREDGING A RIVER, DREDGING A POND : www.dredginginillinois.com.

  river and channel dredging contractor

Dredging in Illinois near Wisconsin
Dredging the small lake or pond in Illinois needed a lot of sediment removed along with cattail and phragmites removal. Our dredging company had to use a combination of mechanical dredging equipment to stay within Illinois permit guidelines. You can see from the first picture how overgrown the emergent vegetation was all around the entire pond. The picture next to it was an after shot showing how beautiful the pond has become with the modifications. We added native wetland grasses and flowers to enhance the landscape and to provide erosion protection along the shorelines. Call our office if you need services in IL, WI IN or surrounding areas 1-800-649-7946 www.ponddredgingillinois.com.

              Start of the project a before picture                       After the project was completed all vegetation & spoils removed 





    Grading out the shoreline around the small lake - pond          After picture applied erosion control mat and native grasses

Dredging in Indiana - Mechanical or Hydraulic Dredging near Illinois and Ohio
Mechanical Lake Dredging in Martinsville Indiana for a private lake association. Steep hillsides don't stop our professional dredging employees from getting the job done right. Call a Indiana company with years of experience www.lakedredginginindiana.com.

Mechanical Dredging with a Long Reach Excavator is one of the many pieces of dredging equipment swampthing uses to get the job done correctly. A lot of times to be efficient we will use a combination of our Mechanical and Hydraulic Dredging Equipment. www.mechanicaldredging.com

Mechanically dredging in Indiana www.swampthing.us  


Dredging a Lake in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Minnesota.
Dredging a lake on a berm, snow and ice won't stop our boys from doing a great job in tight areas. Our Dredging Company can handle dredging in Michigan, MI, Dredging in Indiana, Indianapolis, IN, Dredging in Ohio, Cincinnati, OH, Dredging in Tennessee, Nashville, TN, Dredging In Illinois, Chicago, IL, Dredging in Appleton, Wisconsin, WI , Dredging in Lexington, Kentucky, KY, dredging in Birmingham, Alabama, AL, dredging in Des Moines, Iowa, IA, dredging in Pittsburgh, Pa contact our office at 1-800-649-7946 www.dredgingalake.com.



Our dredging company is crane setting one of our aquatic dredgers into a lake to be dredged with limited access to the lake. When other dredging companies can't do your project our company has large, small and unique dredging equipment for Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Kentucky, South Dakota, Minnesota. www.dredgingcompanies.net

 dredging a lake www.swampthing.us  
   Limited access dredging www.swampthing.us 
                                                                                                                                         A great day Salmon Fishing

Hydraulic Dredging the Lake

Michigan Hydraulic Dredging with Swamp Thing
Michigan Hydraulic Dredging and Mechanical Dredging. We can handle Michigan dredging projects anywhere in the state.
www.michganhydraulicdredging.com  contact our office at 1-800-649-7946

Picture of Hydraulic Dredging machine at the boat ramp    Picture of sediments being pumped from hydraulic dredge
before entering the lake to be dredged                                and putting sediments into the  holding area

Hydraulic dredging contractor www.swampthing.us  
Swamp Thing Dredging in Illinois, Dredging in Indiana, Dredging in Ohio, Dredging in Michigan, Dredging in Wisconsin, Dredging in south carolina, Dredging in Kentucky, Dredging in Georgia.
www.swampthing.us  call 1-800-649-7946.

We are Dredging Contractor, with franchised offices covering the nation: with one of our offices in Michigan (Michigan, MI covering Ohio, OH, Indiana, IN, Illinois, IL, Wisconsin, WI, Kentucky, KY) which has over 35,000 miles of streams/rivers and over 11,000 inland lakes. Giving us plenty of experience to be the professional team you should select, no matter what state you live in, we have offices and representatives locally. We have local offices across the nation to help with your local project. We care about the environment and have your best interest in mind when working on your project. Please contact our office at 1-800-649-7946 or email us and then we can put you in contact with someone to oversee your project in your area.

Great Lakes Dredge and dredging into geo tubes to transfer sand. The sand can be dredged from the lake, harbor, cove and goes from the hydraulic dredge and then transferred into the geo bag. This is a process used around the Great Lakes and be used anywhere across the nation. Contact us if you need a process like this 1-800-649-7946. www.greatlakesdredgeanddock.com

(there is more information further down the pages about using geo textile bags or tubes)


We provide Dredging in Lexington, Louisville, Bowling Green, Meads, Kentucky and other areas in KY.
We are the most experience dredging company in Kentucky and surrounding areas. We have both mechanical, hydraulic and amphibious dredging to complete your project when others may we limited.  Contact us if you have a project nearby you would like us to look at 1-800-649-7946 www.swampthing.us.


These are pictures from a combination of projects            
Below is off load site for sediment - We had to Crane set one of our aquatic dredging machines in several different spots-no boat ramp.

   Limited access dredging contractor georgia- nationwide

 Limited Access:  Crane set boat over hard to get areas-off bridge - steep banks. Used Support Boats to remove debris--wood, sticks, logs
   All areas that were in very bad need of sediment too be removed with our equipment

For Lake Dredging we have specialized dredging equipment and techniques to get your project when others can't.  www.kentuckydredging.com.
     Dredging contractor Kentucky www.swampthing.us
Dredging Company in: covering Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee.We offer mechanical and hydraulic dredging. www.dredgingcompanies.net

     Offloading sediments at the spoils site

Sediment Removal Services or Hydraulic Dredging for Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Alabama, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Minnesota with the use of Geo bags, textile tubes,  or Geo tubes for dewatering and removing sediments from a lake, lagoon, pond. We can handle the process for you. www.ponddredginginwisconsin.com.


Hydraulic Dredging into tubes for containment and dewatering of industrial waste, municipal sludge, and marine sediments, paper mills, chemical companies are just a few of the clients that have benefited from this process.

Hydraulic Dredging in to textile tubes, how it works:
1. Containment: High strength permeable tubes with uniquely designed retention properties are fabricated tubes that can be filled with sand, sediments,  fine grain sludge, hazardous contaminated soils, or dredged waste materials

2. Dewatering: Excess water drains from the tubes through the small pores resulting in effective dewatering and efficient volume reduction of the contained material. This volume reduction allows for the repeated filling of the tubes. In most cases the water is of a quality that can be returned to native waterways or for reuse. 

3. Consolidation: After the final cycle of filling and dewatering, the retained sediments, sludge, sand  materials can continue to consolidate by evaporation as the water escapes through the tube. 

4. Removal or use as Erosion control or Landscape: Once the sediments dry within the bag, they bags are opened and the sediments can be hauled off. Or can be used as erosion control or covered and made part of the landscape. If hazardous it taken to offsite facility.

Adding a Polymer to the Hydraulic Dredging and geo textile or tube process:
Some projects may require a Polymer additive during the sediment removal process, once the sediments are transferred from the small or large hydraulic dredging machine. This can be very useful when targeting to remove certain nutrients from the sediments, like phosphate.

During the sediment removal process there are a variety of polymers that are available and formulated to match the sediment or sludge material being dredged or dewatered. The use of the polymer allows the sediments and tube technology to perform efficiently together, most cases allows the sediments to cure faster into a solid material. The solids are separated from the water more easily, which can allow the water to drain quicker for the tube. www.sedimentremovalservices.com.



Pond Dredging - POND being made. Pictures of DREDGING A POND, MUCK OR SEDIMENT REMOVAL take a look at the following pictures  www.ponddredgingservices.com

1. Pond Tips--Remove Emergent Vegetation
Remove emergent vegetation, especially if you have invasive aquatic plants

1001276.jpg  1001270.jpg 

Dredging a Pond
Dredging a pond with a pond liner. As a professional pond dredging company we have specialized equipment and technology to protect your pond liner. Our company practices safe sediment removal techniques while dredging your pond, lagoon, reservoir or waste water holding pond. Call our office at 1-800-649-7946 www.pond-dredging.com.

2. Pond Tips--Deeper Water Depths Good for fish
Attain proper water depths and taper the shorelines, for good and long term erosion control. Add an erosion control matt and stone or rip rap stone for maximum benefits. Good depths with help with less aquatic vegetation growth. While dredging the pond good water depths are important if you would like to successfully sustain a healthy fish population.

1001264.jpg  1001274.jpg  Pond dredging contractor www.swampthing.us

3. Pond Tips--Add Oxygen by diffusers, fountains and Native Aquatic Plants
Once your pond has been dredged, now you want to put in measures to keep your pond healthy. One key factor is quality oxygen levels that promote a healthy ecosystem either by adding a fountain, diffuser system or bubbling system. Oxygen is very important for the health of your fish, too little oxygen will add stress to your fish and off course eventually kill them. Poor oxygen levels can come from too much vegetation within your pond. It's important to keep a moderate amount of native aquatic plants within the pond and along the shorelines as a rule. Along the shoreline is appealing to the eye and also helps as a buffer to filter incoming water into the pond from surrounding areas.

1001294.jpg  1001295.jpg  1001296.jpg

POND DREDGING www.Swampthing.us DREDGING CONTRACTORS DREDGING A POND       The Finished Product!

We have Ponds Supplies, Pond Liners, Pond Fountains and Pond dredging services available. Pond Dredging Contractors in your area, covering IN, MI, OH, IL, KY, AL, WI, TN, and VA. www.swampthing.us
   or    www.ponddredgingservices.com.   

Pond Tip - Oxygen is important:
Pond Aeration and Floating fountains for lakes and ponds.

Floating fountains are not only beautiful but are also effective to keep the green away and provide aeration to the water. There are many options and styles. Easy set up - just add water. Lights available too. Contact us for more style, design and pricing information via email

Water fountains add sight and sound to pond aeration. Everyone has different fountain needs ; decorative, aeration, controlling temperature or just for the sound and atmosphere they provide. From a deck or lawn chair to the fairways of golf clubs, water fountains have more to offer. Again, by  adding oxygen to the water, fish and water quality will be improved. Oxygen helps to generate beneficial bacteria that consume the nutrients algae uses to grow.

To ensure years of enjoyment from your lakefront or pond, a user-friendly maintenance plan is essential. Our people are dedicated to helping you gain the utmost benefit from your investment. Fish habitat, weeds control and water quality is all addressed through a consultation. 

Simply, by using a pond aeration system, you can move vast amounts of water per minute and at the same time improving the water quality and nutrient loads. Large or small ponds can be aerated to reduce the mosquito population. Stagnant water is where they like to lay their eggs.

Pond Dredging
If your pond or lake is too shallow it might be too late for aeration, you may need to dredge first. Especially if you have had a fish kill or large amount of vegetation taking oxygen from your lake or pond. Fish Kills also can be a result of misuse of chemicals/herbicides. Remember if you have too much sediments you should dredge first and  then aeration will be a key factor in maintaining the overall health of your pond. 

Dredging Contractor for Dredging a lake, Dredging a pond, reservoir or canal. 
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Dredging with our Mechanical Dredging and Hydraulic Dredging equipment we offer Marina Dredging, Lake Dredging, Pond Dredging, Lagoon Dredging, Canal Dredging in your local area MI, OH, AL, WI, PA, IL, KS, TN, KY and IA contact us at 1-800-649-7946 www.swampthing.us 


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